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Global warming is too serious for the world any longer to ignore its danger or split into opposing factions on it. – Tony Blair

How do you want the cookies to crumble?

Did you know that currently for every $28 the government spends on the fossil fuel industry, only $1 is spent on renewable energy? That’s why I’ve just told the Treasurer to end subsidy insanity and fund climate solutions.

But we know that industry lobbyists are stepping up their counter-campaign to keep their $9 billion worth of free subsidies and undermine potential government support for renewable energy.

GetUp’s created a new tool that lets you say just how you’d apportion our taxes if you were in charge – on fossil fuels or climate solutions. Just click the link below and tell the Treasurer exactly how you’d like to even the ledger:

Online petition

Together we can avert climate catastrophe, The GetUp Team